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We travel through Mexico: Nuevo León

Santiago, Pueblo Mágico, is a municipality rich in nature and traditions, in addition to architecture, gastronomy and ancestral charm, it became the first municipality of Nuevo Leon to be declared Pueblo Mágico, as it retains a peaceful rhythm of the northeastern life of a time.

In the municipal capital you can admire the beautiful architectures that transport into the past, such as the Parroquia de Santiago Apóstol, with its characteristic staircase in front of Plaza Ocampo, where time stands still and you can live with the people of Santiago.

There is also the Casa de la Cultura, where you can find exhibitions of local artists as well as guests. In the Town Hall there is the Historical Museum where, through a guided tour, you can learn more about our past. From the Mirador you can enjoy a panoramic view of the municipality, contemplating the beauty of its mountains and the La Boca dam, where water sports are practiced.



In this municipality you can admire the natural landscapes, its beautiful waterfalls and the panoramic views of the Santiago mountain range, where there is a great variety of parrots and fauna; deer, black bears, squirrels, blue birds and wild cats.

Here you can practice extreme sports, there is a Canopy Tour circuit, or you can take a ride in country vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles, on foot or on horseback. And there is the possibility to enjoy a comfortable stay in the hotels and in the multiple cabins located in the municipalities along the road that leads through the mountain to the beautiful Laguna de Sanchez.

As for gastronomy, Santiago stands out on its own. In the wide range of restaurants you can find some typical dishes such as roast pork, roasted leg with fine herbs, pernil ranchero, beef stew, lard gorditas, aguamiel, orange peel preserves , pumpkin jam, piloncillos as well as “turcos” and the typical mountain apple liqueur.

Main tourist attractions and activities • Parish of the Apostle of Santiago • Eco-Tourist Park Cola de Caballo (Cola de Caballo waterfall, canopy, roller zip, horse riding) • La Boca dam • Bungee Hotel Horsetail • Alley on Friday • Video mapping in the parish (on weekends) • Travel by tram
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