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Ancient Egypt: 12000-year-old cave paintings in a cave in Sinai

Thousands of scenes in a cave outside any commercial route, therefore still intact, well preserved: hands, animals, human figures drawn in Ancient Egypt over a long period of time.

Spectacular cave paintings, from many different periods, were found in a cave in Sinai (Egypt), in an exceptional state of conservation – favored both by the climate and by the fact that the cave, relatively small and with a rather uncomfortable access today, in the over time it has come to find itself outside any commercial and historical route, thus preserving treasures of Ancient Egypt. The nearest inhabited center, Santa Caterina, at the foot of the monastery of the same name, is about 30 kilometers away and has a few thousand inhabitants, and a few tens of kilometers there is also the archaeological site of Sarabit el-Khadem, which is what remains of a settlement known in antiquity for the quarries of precious stones, in particular for turquoise. The discovery was illustrated by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities with a Facebook post.

[foto 1] Ancient Egypt, Sinai desert: the entrance to the cave where thousands of cave paintings from many different periods have been found.

Many history pages. On the walls of the cave the paintings are mostly dark red in color and, according to early dating, are between 10,000 and 5,500 years BC, while on the ceiling there are more recent scenes, also dating back to around 3,200 years before Christ. They are mostly animals, especially donkeys, but female subjects and a large number of hands are also depicted.

Numerous animal remains were found in the cave: this means, according to archaeologists, that it was used as a refuge by nomads. The Egyptian authorities have made it known that research will continue for a long time also in the surrounding area, because the discovery is among the most significant in terms of quantity and quality of the paintings, even if they are not the oldest ever found in the country, which date back to 17,000 years. does.

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